Monday, February 13, 2012


This week I want to talk about a fashion designer that I LOVE LOVE LOVE : Marc Jacobs

I am his fan and definitely he is one of the most influential fashion designers in the world. 

My last acquisition of the Marc by Marc Jacobs was an amazing laptop bag. He designed this bags in different colors and models that can fit everybody's taste. You can find it in any Saks Fifith Avenue. 

Besides the laptop bags, Marc Jacobs have also wonderful purses, watches, shoes, wallets, sunglasses, clothes (for women, men, boys, girls and also babies!!) and much more... well everything you want and you need!!!! :)  

I have selected some pictures for you from some of my favorites laptop bags models (I bought the black one):

XoXo Gabi 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today I will talk about my favorite sunglasses brand: TOM FORD.

Born in Austin, Texas in 1961, Tom Ford has became one of the most influential designer of the last decade. He is the owner of one of the most highly respected and successful brand in the world. His prominence in the fashion world began in 1994 when he became the Creative Director of Gucci. With a visionary insight for what the consumers wanted, he led the company to a unprecedented success.In 2004, Tom Ford left Gucci Group to form his own company and create the Tom Ford brand.  

"My mission is to bring luxury back, expressed through my voice and my style" Ford said. "It is important to me to instill glamour, integrity, and sophistication in everything I do." His contemporary, innovative and provocative designs set an entirely new direction in the world of luxury products. 

Now you can understand why I am totally crazy about this brand. The design and the quality of the sunglasses are incomparable. I always check their website to see the new collections....So my advise is for you to also check out the new fantastic models of the collection 2012 here

My favorite was always this classic TOM FORD:

xoxo Gabi_Momesso 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good night, 

I will use this blog normally to talk about fashion tips for women, but today i wanna talk about this new website for men that is awesome!!! It is called styleseek, and through it men can find out what kind of style they fit, access the clothes and accessories that will please their taste and can buy the clothes they like. The site reveals their style based on the answers that men give about their lifestyle, choosing their preferences of kinds of houses, cars, beverages and some others. It is super cool, super fast and worth to try. 

The website URL is:

See you..

XOXO gabi 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Every time that I come back of the beach, I feel that my hair and my skin are totally dry.

That's why I decided to do a "check list" of things I find important to do after a trip to the beach: 

* Exfoliation and body moisturizing 

* Face masks (at home) to moisturize the skin.

* Moisturizing the hair -> The sun, sea, pool damages so much our hair! A mega hydration is necessary.

TIP: Hot towel -> Take any wet towel with very hot water, wind in your hair and leave it. The result is fantastic!!! 

"Wich products should I use??" I have some of my favorites here for you:

For the hair:

For daily use for your body skin:

That's it!!! And the most important: don't ever forget to use sunscreen ALWAYS!!!

XOXO Gabi_Momesso
Hi, my name is Gabriela Momesso, i am 23 years old. I am from Sao Paulo - Brazil and currently i am living in San Diego, attending to a New Media course at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

My teacher asked us to create a blog and post about something that we like, so I decided to do about fashion. Let's see how it goes, i am very excited!!!!!

Besides news of fashion clothes and accesories i will also give tips such as new makeups, new cosmetic products and also good restaurants or cities that you must visit.

In my next post I will talk about the care that people should have after a trip to the beach and give tips of good products that can help you.

See you!!!